Managing conflicts and resolving disputes begin with conversations.

Are you embroiled in disputes or conflicts which are stuck in unhelpful narratives, dysfunctional behaviours and destructive cycles?

We assist you on how to manage and respond to conflicts that arise in your personal or professional relationships.

We mediate by defusing emotional reactivity, and transform conversations by establishing clear boundaries, respect and trust.

Our diversity competent facilitator will engage parties in a respectful manner to reach positive outcomes.

Session Delivery

Online Session Online Session
Online session means we are having our session through the internet in real-time. You will be in the comfort of your own space while your therapist will be in his or her consulting room alone.
Telephone Session Telephone Session
Telephone session is conducted through landline or mobile, whichever suits you. Alternatively, you are able to use Skype for voice-only session.
Face To Face Session Face-To-Face Session
Face-to-face session is held in our consulting room in Sydney and Springwood, NSW, Australia.
Onsite Training Onsite training
Corporate training and development sessions are conducted on site within your organisation.