Transfigure is founded on a vision to enhance response-ability to change, growth and transformation.

Growth begins with the personal, from within – whether you are an individual or an organisation. It begins with awareness, attunement, resilience and wellbeing.

Transfigure will facilitate your journey with clarity and purpose.

Our trauma-informed change model is premised upon

  • the awareness of your values, strengths, and raison dêtre for being, and
  • motivating a commitment to action and solidarity for improvement.

Experience the transformation you have always wanted, but uncertain how to begin. Let us help you define and stay true to the inner compass on this unique journey.

Florence Thum

CTP, MCAP, LL.M., Grad. Cert. Ed (Learning and Leadership), B.Com,

Florence is a psychotherapist with certification in trauma-informed practice, and a trainer with qualifications in psychology, law and education, and professional experience in the corporate and legal world for over 25 years.

Method and Approach

Florence inspires transformation with a clear vision for growth, a focused and determined mind, a calm and persistent attitude, knowledgeable and unafraid to ask the hard questions.

She will guide you to your own inner resolution and helps you maintain integrity in the face of challenges while you actively transform your life.

With a trauma-informed practice, Florence’s integrative approach responds to the needs and requirements of individuals and teams, always mindful that one size does not fit all.

Take your first step toward change, now.